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ACE7 Vacations is a boutique excursion and resources firm based in Antigua.

We have developed unique experiences for the all-inclusive resort vacationer who is interested in an authentically Antiguan experience.

We offer all-inclusive tours, exceptional experiences, and comprehensive retreat planning on the 365 beaches in Antigua and Barbuda.

Our tour packages include everything from reliable transportation to tested restaurant andmenu options 

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Amber and Johnathan welcome all to join us in Antigua and Barbuda.

Enjoy the flavors of the island, discover hidden beaches, and interact with the great people native to the Land of Sea and Sun.

We have explored the island since our arrival in October 2018 and have fallen in love with the many great restaurants, tours, and festivals. We hope to share with you the peace and hospitality that make Antigua and Barbuda the premiere

Caribbean destination and our home.


Our partners are ready to accommodate your travel needs with turn-key vacation management solutions that include a variety of packages or custom experience

of your own design.

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign."

- Robert Louis Stevenson

"After a few days on the resort, my bestie and I called on Amber and Johnathan for an adventure.  We experienced so many

beautiful, fun, and exciting features of Antigua and Barbuda. They are our go-to guide and I recommend them to anyone planning a trip to Antigua and Barbuda."

- Anyanna and Trish

"We escaped a harsh Midwest winter for Antigua's literal playground in the ocean - Swash Water Park. Next, we ventured out on the jet skis; lunched at a seaside resort; and met the great people at Ffryes Beach. We even treated ourselves to a sea salt massage. Each sunrise and sunset impressed with mountain and ocean views. Amber and Johnathan made it all easy. We look forward to our next visit."

- Marion and Sylvester

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